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Speck and Verizon Collaborate on Presidio V-Grip Case for new iPhones

San Mateo, Calif., October 19, 2018 - Speck is pleased to announce Presidio V-Grip, an exclusive case made in collaboration with Verizon. Presidio V-Grip is a modern take on Speck’s iconic grip design, made to meet the needs of Verizon users who want to show off their device and prevent drops before they happen with a secure grip.

Presidio V-Grip was born from Verizon’s two best selling Speck cases, Presidio Grip and Presidio Show. Speck worked closely with Verizon to develop different variations of patterns that led to unique iterations of prototypes before making a collaborative decision.

Presidio V-Grip combines the best of both worlds: a clear back to show off the device itself, with a colorful vertical grip pattern along the bumper to make the case easier to hold to prevent drops before they happen.

The clear back of the case allows the device itself to shine, while the ridged perimeter offers a secure, tactile hold and gives a nod to Speck’s trademark grip design. Presidio V-Grip features an inner IMPACTIUM™ barrier to protect against drops of up to 10 feet. iPhone XR users are able to show off the color of their phone with the same protection feature as a case that lacks 10 foot drop protection.

“It was an honor to collaborate on a new case design with the Verizon team. We wanted to create something unique for their customers, while staying true to Speck’s design philosophy and style,” said Speck VP of Design, Bryan Hynecek. “What we’ve created is a functional case that shows off the beauty of the new iPhone design and incorporates Speck’s grip design in a new way.”

Speck and Verizon also collaborated on the colors and finishes that would complement the colors of the iPhone or add a burst of color, depending on the user’s style. Presidio V-Grip comes in three colors: traditional black, soft gold with a hint of shimmer and a bright blue.

Presidio V-Grip is available now for and Verizon stores.

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